Belgrade bus station: a warning for future travellers!

I love traveling, especially by bus, because, let’s face it, it’s cheaper (sometimes) and you get to see the sights too. As a result, I can say that I’ve been to a lot of bus stations in a lot of European countries (both inside and outside the European Union). And clearly, this is the first time I’ve had an experience like the one I am about to tell you! To put it in context: I’m quietly enjoying my last hour before leaving Serbia, like many travelers, I’m spending my last few change before leaving, I’m happy with my little sweet pleasure, so I happily go to Belgrade bus station and there, disenchantment!

I arrived 15 minutes early, I made my way to the platforms and, as I was told, I needed a token to get in! I’m already starting to think “What’s he talking about? I just want to get on my bus”. After that, I’m redirected to a woman who tells me that the token costs 190 dinars (about €1.6): I don’t really understand why, but it’s fine. Then the situation changes again: it’s impossible to pay by card! So I had to go and withdraw money at the last minute, which is the most useless thing to do when travelling, especially when you have withdrawal charges and you are trying to avoid them.

So I went to the ATM at the station, but I wasn’t only able to withdraw 200 dinars, so, in the end, I ended up with 500 dinars (about €4.3) and, above all, 480 dinars (about €4) in ATM charges! All in addition to my bank’s charges. So in the end, I spent around €7 to be able to pay this entry tax to the platforms. What a scam! What right do they have to do this? And above all, without warning. In addition, they don’t allow us to pay by card, so we have to withdraw from this ATM in the station, which charges exorbitant fees.

After checking, I didn’t get any charges from my bank (fortunately), but I noticed something else: not only does this ATM have expensive charges, but its conversion rate is much higher than the basic one. Normally, with the conversion rate of 1 RSD= 0.0085, you get about 8 euros 30.

But on my receipt, it says 9.33, because their conversion rate is 1 RSD = 0.00953. Admittedly, a one-euro difference isn’t much, but if you haven’t planned for it in your accounts, or if you have to withdraw more because you’re travelling with several people, the amount can quickly mount up!

In conclusion, I really recommend that you visit Belgrade, the city is magnificent, especially its fortress. You can go by bus, but leave another way, or plan to keep some change, as you’ve been warned. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Above all, I don’t want to boycott the city, because it’s really worth it!

And to prove it to you, here are a few photos of places and monuments that you might see on the spot and that might make you want to visit this city. If you decide to go, I hope you have a great trip!

PS: In Skopje, you also have to pay a fee, but it’s only 50 MDK (80 cents) and that’s because you have to have your ticket checked before entering the bus platforms, so you have to pay for the work of the person at the counter, not just a token. And also, the good news is that you can pay by card!

So when you leave an European Union country, be careful. I didn’t have to pay anything in Türkiye, but I did in Belgrade bus station, so it’s better to warn future travellers.

My experience was unpleasant, but I have good memories of the trip. Always try to see the positive!

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