Balkan Beats 39 – Terra

“Planet is burning!” This is a sad and alarming statement that comes to our ears every day now. From our perspective, it looks like every aspect of the environment is falling apart. And it is true: the earth is attacked. Its forests are burned. Its children are suffocating. Its waters are poisoned. There is a feeling of emptiness when it comes to change. Our lifestyle is wrong, it needs to evolve, we need to take measures we are not ready to take, to sacrifice things we are not ready to sacrifice. Or maybe are we?
Mistakes were made. Things were destroyed. Living beings disappeared. This is, indeed, problematic. But problems can be solved, habits can be changed. What we can destroy, we can save. Power does both. There are many solutions we can, each and every one of us, adopt in order to make it all better. Individual effort is not meaningless if everyone tries hard enough. The first step towards a better future is to understand the impact of our actions, and learn how to correct it. The past is also there to teach us. So what are we waiting for?

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