Balkan Beats 32 – Self Expression

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the edition n. 32 of our magazine, Balkan Beats, is finally out!

Self Expression

The act of writing is, perhaps, the most fundamental form of self expression. The verbal form closely follows our natural stream of consciousness and, with some curating, editing, and accompanying imagery, we can share our ideas with others and help ourselves crystallize them into more concrete form. Thus it seemed to us notably appropriate to write about self-expression itself.

Our writers approached this topic from a personal as well as a more comprehensive point of view, as the “self” in self-expression can be applied on more than one person. In this edition, you will be able to follow a journey as the written content may take you to places you would least expect. We all have a voice that deserves to be heard, even if it is to deliver a message that you have already heard, in order to emphasize the importance of the specific issue.

It may also include giving your voice to people who are marginalised and have fewer opportunities for their voices to be heard. There is no one side for each story. It is a collection of perspectives. It is this we want to broadcast with this edition.

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