Balkan Beats 28 – Summer Special

Summer is on full speed and we are happy to announce that the 28th edition of Balkan Beats is now online! This edition is very special, that’s why we called it Summer Special. To see what is so particular about this edition, you definitely have to open the magazine.

Some insight

In this edition, we are proud to present many fun and summer-related articles. For example, Arianna researched a lot to find the best movies, books and music to spend the hottest days in your home or why not on the beach in a more fun way (p. 13-15). And to survive the hot days, hydration is very important: on page 17-19, Martin is talking about why it would be a good idea to take cold showers and this article is shortly followed by a funky ice tea recipe for a refreshment in these sunny days.

But when city life is too boring, Agnieszka on page 4-6 talks about her travel to Skiathos. Or when your mind is more focused on abroad – we have some ideas for you! Emma gives some cool ideas to escape in summer (p 7-8) and Irene is giving tips for traveling in Spain on page 9-10.

Besides, we have something for the creative minds. Umberto is giving tips on how to make your travel videos (p 11-12) and Francesco and Sacha are telling us some creative stories on pages 32-35.

And last but not least, do not forget the festivals! In June, we enjoyed the great, colorful and happy Thessaloniki Pride. If you missed it, check out the photo gallery on page 22-23 to get some of the greatest emotions! And if you are still deciding about other summer festivals, on pages 24-25 Justin is giving some tips on how to choose the festivals to go to.

We really hope you enjoy this colorful and summery edition we prepared for you. And why not to read Balkan Beats during the hot summer days with a refreshing drink. You can find our printed versions from some cafes and organizations around Thessaloniki! Enjoy the summer!

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