Balkan Beats 37 – European Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is a complex, multi-faceted concept and, like culture itself, it is immeasurable and difficult to define clearly. It is above all a testimony to the way in which successive generations have lived. Heritage is also the landscape transformed by man. Thus, heritage can be considered as the history of places and the people who live in these places.

The term ‘’cultural heritage’’ now appears more and more frequently in the language not only of science, but also of journalism and politics. This does not mean, however, that the conceptual framework of the term is universally agreed and unequivocally understood; there is no single definition of the term accepted by all.

In the 37th issue of Balkan Beats, our volunteers share their definitions of cultural heritage through their articles and photo galleries. There are not only references to regional dishes and dances but also to language and travel in Europe.

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