mental health without borders

Mental Health Without Borders Ep. 4 – Suicide

For more resources about suicide prevention go to:’s topic is a bit of a difficult one. We will talk about suicide and our personal stories. Venni is talking about his friend who committed twice with the second being sadly successful. Vaso will talk about her experience with depression, anxiety and being suicidal. Last but not […]

mental health without borders

Mental Health Without Borders. Ep. 3 – Anxiety

In this episode we talk about anxiety and how it affected our lives. Some of us are diagnosed with anxiety disorder, some of us take medication for it and chose psychotherapy others focused on a different approach. There is no right or wrong way, we are all different but if something isn’t effective we should […]

football session

Mental Health and Sport: Football Session in Stravoupoli

On the 5th of July, our volunteers with some patients of the Open Therapeutical Community organized a football match in the Psychiatrical Hospital of Stavroupoli. Through a sports activity, they connected and enriched each other.This is the video that summarizes the afternoon together!

wood art thessaloniki

Discovering the precious art of wood: interview with Yannis Tomis.

I’m visited Μονάδα Πρασίνου ΨΝΘ and I had the chance to interview Yannis Tomis. I understood what inspired him to carve wooden sculptures, his journey in the creative process and how art has become a healing tool for him. Look here the full interview! Video Credit: Vasiliki Arkoumani

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