The Universe Is Not Real – 2022 Nobel Prize

Each year, The Nobel Prize in Physics laureates scientists and research, bringing to light the nature of our world and making our universe more comprehensible. However, one of the craziest quantum mechanics theories is this year’s winner. The 2022 award recognizes the work of three physicists that have challenged the status quo by seeking the […]

Drawing of an Haitian zombie

Voodoo and Sorcery: The Real Story of Zombies

Horror films are, probably, what crosses your mind when hearing the word ‘zombie’; an imaginary creature coming back from death popularised by the American cinema industry with films such as Night of the Living Dead or videogame franchises like Resident Evil. Yet, the idea of monsters existing amidst life and death has managed to frighten […]

Why Do We Cheat?: Infidelity From the Evolutionary Perspective

Love, sex, and cheat are some of the strongest driving forces in life. They have served as inspiration for some of the finest artworks ever created, modified the course of history, provided us with endless hours of gossip and entertainment, and, most recently, opened a window to the study of the human mind. The human […]

GreenWave Poster

GreenWave Festival 2022

‘They have deprived us of hope, solidarity, prosperity, happiness, freedom, ecological balance, they have deprived us of alternatives for another society.’ – GreenWave Festival 2022 Higher temperatures, loss of forests and wildlife, air pollution, more frequent wildfires, extreme weather conditions… The earth is experiencing unparalleled degradation due to decades of neoliberal policies, disjointed from people […]

Bilingualism: How Languages Make a Fit Brain

Human language is a miraculous gift of nature, opening the window to the world of ideas. But, besides that, it is also a powerful tool to train our brains. If you are reading this, that means that you understand English. Yet, English might not be your mother tongue, meaning that you belong to the bilingual […]

Space Bubbles: Geoingeeniring to Tackle Climate Change from Space

‘if we think outside the box, we can imagine how to survive and even thrive amid a rapidly changing climate’ Carlo Ratti, 2016. Rise of the sea levels, melting of glaciers, warming of the oceans, more frequent droughts, storms, heat waves, and wildfires. The consequences of climate change are simply becoming more palpable as the […]

Abortion: How the World Is Shifting on Reproductive Rights

In 1969, Norma McCorvey —known by the legal pseudonym ‘Jane Roe’— became pregnant with her third child. She did not want to continue with her pregnancy, but she lived in Texas, where abortion was illegal except for preserving the mother’s life. She then decided to bring a legal case that set a landmark decision; her […]

Cancel Culture: Social Justice or Censorship?

‘How do we hold people accountable for wrongdoing and yet at the same time remain in touch with their humanity enough to believe in their capacity to be transformed?’ – Bell Hooks From Ancient Greece’s ostracism to the 19th-century stocks and pillory, public shaming has always been an instrument to assert power and authority and […]

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