Thessaloniki, the city of my heart

Thessaloniki. The city of my heart. Thessaloniki is a city where you feel like home. Thessaloniki has a people, who are hospitable. Thessaloniki is a place which makes you happy. Thessaloniki has a blue and pure sea. You can not only have fun and spend a good time, but you can also feel the moment […]

Where is unemployment going?

In this blog article I would like to briefly present nine main reasons why young people can not successfully find work these days. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of the present times and thus the graduation from university becomes a fearful dream to many young people. Greece has also experienced a significant growth of unemployment rate in connection with university graduates. For all of these reasons, it I find it very fitting to analyse the reasons why it is difficult for young people to find a job after finishing of the university.

Thank you Athena for this beautiful city

According to the legend, Athens is the city that was named after the goddess Athena and Acropolis is believed to be its founding place. The legend says that Athena (the goddess of the wisdom) and Poseidon (the god of the sea) have been fighting on this very place for a long time for the dominance over the city and their fight was exhaustively long and without any reaching conclusion. Eventually, a competition was decided by the local people, that were willing to dedicate this place to that god, which will provide more valuable gift to the city.

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