Travel through Europe for free

We all know the saying “When you are young, you have time but no money, when you are older, you have money but no time”. It is a vicious circle that sets boundaries for young people and stops them from making new memories and experiencing new cultures themselves. Some youngsters might just accept that sad […]

"Poppy field" poster

poppy field

A homosexual laughing and kissing his French lover; a Police officer listening to his colleagues who are joking about women; a man who desperately tries to unite these two self-perceptions within himself: the drama “Poppy Field”, which was released in 2020 and directed by Eugen Jebeleanu -the only openly gay director in all Romania- tells […]

Women in Greece

The complicated explanation of an even more complicated question. In the past few decades, every country in the EU has lived a reform of gender roles, especiallywhen it comes to the opportunities and life stories of females. Apparently, women now canhave it all: in 2006 Greek Law 3488/2006 stated that from then on, women are […]

FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE in Thessaloniki

Friday is a great day, not just because it‘s the start of the weekend, but also because it is the day when people from all kinds of backgrounds unite in order to protest for sustainable climate policies. This Friday, the 24th of September, the “Fridays For Future” movement was at one of its peaks when […]