Sysiphos: A trial

First ThessFringe Festival – Four Performances

A Photo Gallery from the ThessFringe Festival by Maxime Ricaud Sysiphos: A trial The Room of Our Childhood Camgirl Chronicles Read here our interview with the creator and performer of Camgirl Chronicles, Maud Madlyn & Andrés Montes Zuluaga! Anastasis kats

the Paris Commune

La Commune de Paris 

La Commune de Paris was undoubtedly the first significant form of a proletariat revolution. Karl Marx, but also Friedrich Engels and Mikhail Bakunin, will see an accomplished idea of a government of the working class or dictatorship of the proletariat in this revolution. “This sphinx that puts bourgeois understanding to such a severe test”   Karl […]

Art student protest

Occupying Rex theatre against presidential decree 85/2022  

Since 2003, the Greek government has devalued all kinds of arts degrees. Recently, at the end of 2022, it stirred the knife in the wound by voting a presidential decree 85/2022. It no longer grants any proper degree in artistic practices and restricts theatre, music, film and fine arts schools. Therefore, art degrees have a […]

lgbtq+ event

lgbtq+and migration: an event by sympraxi

The migration crisis concerns all of us at different scales. Sympraxi, who works on gender issues, organized an event on the 25 January here in Thessaloniki to gather people affected by this topic and talk about it.A documentary was screened to illustrate this theme and also involve an unknown topic in the migration crisis: The […]

October 17, 1961, a colonial massacre

The night of October 17, 1961, was one of the last representations of hatred of French colonial hegemony. It represents this authoritarian trade of the French Government of those who were once called the French Muslims of Algeria.In 1961, Algeria was a French territory colonized in 1830 and divided into departments. Algeria’s war of independence […]

Action for the protecion of Thessalonikis trees

On Saturday, December 17, a demonstration was held in the square of the Ancient Agora in Thessaloniki. Indeed, the municipality has planned to cut 41 trees in this historic square. According to autopsies, urban tree specialists have repeatedly stated that only a small percentage are at risk of falling and should be cut down. Citizens, […]

Outsider Music

Outsider Music, the key of Z and the philosophy of the World

Outsider Music   It may have all started with a prophecy read on Austin Wiggin Jr.’s hand. First, he’ll marry a blonde woman and have two sons after the death of his mother; then, he will have daughters who will become international music stars. The prophecy was frighteningly turning real when the first two predictions […]


Camp is Everywhere

Camp is everywhere, that’s what I thought of when I discovered the camp, certainly taken from the French “se camper” “to pose exaggeratedly” it designates something much broader than taking the pose. The Oxford English dictionary definition of 1909 paints a depraved portrait of camp aesthetics, “ostentatious, exaggerated, affected, theatrical;  effeminate or homosexual”. Although Webster’s […]

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