Capitol Hill stormed: the fall of the America

  “The old world is dying. The new one is slow to appear. And in this chiaroscuro monsters are born”. In 1930 the Italian anti-fascist intellectual Antonio Gramsci wrote this reflection in his “Prison Notebooks”, to explain how Mussolini could conquer power and establish a dictatorship. Unfortunately, almost a century later, these words are fitting […]

Almost friends: will Biden make USA and Europe close anew?

Biden’s victory in the American elections will surely bring a series of changes. A wind of renewal is ready to blow not only on US domestic policy but also on foreign one.Trump’s isolationist policy created several tensions, in particular, between the USA and its traditional allies. And among these are undoubtedly the European countries, with […]

Democrat Joe Biden

Make America open again: what changes will Biden’s victory bring?

The recent American elections determined Democrat Joe Biden’s victory and the end of the Trump presidency. This result could lead to a series of changes in both domestic and foreign policy. After the four years of Trump’s government, characterized by excessive tones and poisoned debates, the newly elected President wants to present himself as a […]