students uprising athens

17th of November: a Date that Put an End to the Darkest Years in Greece

On the 17th of November, Greece celebrates the anniversary of the uprising of the students of the Polytechnic Faculty in Athens, which occurred in 1973. It was a massive student demonstration against the Greek military junta that ruled the country from the 21st of April 1967 to the 23rd of July 1974. This event was […]


Flavour and Sound from Mediterranean South: Interview with Encardia

From 21 to 23 October, Thessaloniki was tinged with music. The city welcomes accordion lovers for the Reedblocks Thessaloniki Accordion Festival for the fifth year in a row. The program was full of events that saw workshops, conferences and concerts. The accordion met the voice and the music of the duet Klemen and Maria Leben, […]

international day against breast cancer

Awareness, Prevention and Screening: The International Day against Breast Cancer

Today, the 19th of October, the World Health Organization celebrates the International Day against Breast Cancer to raise awareness about this disease, its controls, diagnoses and treatments.  Breast cancer is one the most common cancer in Europe that affects mostly women, and it’s responsible for 14,3% of death from cancer in the feminine sex.  But […]

Buddhism Soka Gakkai

“Become a Joyful Sun of Happiness” – My Experience with Buddhist Faith

I have to be honest, when I was asked to talk about my experience with Faith, a mixture of questions and doubts arose within me, tangling like a cotton wire. I could not find a central point, I could not understand where to start and where to end, how could I give a meaning to […]

human trafficking

Human Trafficking: a Crime against Rights and Freedom

The traffic of human beings is one of the most significant crimes against humans that damage fundamental individual rights: deprivation of freedom and security, the impossibility of access to health assistance, education and family relations. This phenomenon includes conscription, transfer and accommodation of people through duress or using other forms of coercion, kidnapping, deception, intimidation […]

training course

The Polish Diaries: Follow Our Training Experience In Nasutow

From the 10th until the 16th of August, Silvia and I participated in a Training Course in Poland about Social Media support for NGOs, organised by Fundacjia Sempre a Frente. This is a polish organisation born in 2010 and involved in the fields of prevention, psychological education and promotion of active citizenship for young people. […]

mereme with a refugee

World Refugee Day: inclusion and diversity. Interview with Mereme

For the world refugee day, we met Mereme, an Albanian girl grown in Italy. She works as an operator in a refugee centre in Italy, and we thought about an interview with her to ask something. 1- Talk about you. How long are you working in a refugee centre? I have been working in a […]

colour of freedom, colour of homophobia

Homophobia: a Crime against Love

Today, the 17th of May, is the International Day Against Homophobia.  What is Homophobia? Homophobia is a word invented by psychologist George Weinberg to define the unjustified and irrational fear, the intolerance and the hate for homosexual, bisexual and transgender people. It shows feelings, thoughts, prejudice and behaviours that could be changed in abuses and […]

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