GYM: Health for us and for the Earth-The grand finale

June 3, 2022. This is the date sixteen volunteers from all over Europe met for the first time and started the implementation of the project “Green Your Mind: Health for us and for the Earth”.  A project dedicated to two main areas of human life, inextricably linked: the environment and mental health Two months full […]

Life with Body Dysmorphia

How is it like living your life, without ever being satisfied with your image? What causes body dysmorphia and how is it treated? A young woman struggling with this disorder shares her experience. Nowadays, self-image issues are anything but uncommon. The abuse of social media and the unrealistic beauty standards they promote are slowly increasing […]

The stigma of mental health in the Balkan community: Two young people share their stories

Rafaela, 23 years old, Albania I was born in 1999, in a small village in South Albania. When I was 2 years old, my family decided to migrate to Thessaloniki, Greece. In general, I had a really difficult childhood: my parents were working almost 14 hours a day, in order to provide the basics for […]

The Winter Blues: Occasional mood swings, or something more serious?

 The arrival of winter in Northern countries is not a simple case. As days are getting shorter and the sunlight is decreasing at a very fast rate, to the point where the day lasts less than six hours in some areas, many people are experiencing what is called “the winter blues”. This weather condition heavily […]

Green Your Mind: Health for us and for the Earth

An innovative volunteering project about mental health A new project started on the 3rd of June in Thessaloniki, founded by the European Solidarity Corps. “GYM: Health for us and for the Earth” is organized by the United Societies of Balkans, in association with the Psychiatric Hospital of Stavroupoli and the Open Therapeutic Community of Argo. […]

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