Action Art and the Art of Storytelling

Action art is a non-profit company founded in 2009 by Rodanthi Dimitressi in Thessaloniki. The aim of the company is the promotion of the “Intangible Cultural Heritage”. They want to encourage young people to participate in the artistic process and cultural creation through various activities and programs.

Mother’s Day

We might perceive Mother’s Day as a modern phenomenon, but celebrations of mothers and motherhood itself actually go back many years. Mother’s day origin dates back to the age of Ancient Romans and the Greek. Over two millennia ago, the Greek dedicated this day to maternal goddesses that were held in the annual festival during the spring season.

Sail for Pink 2018

After 5 years of successes Alma Life organizes, on Sunday May 6, the 6th edition of “Sail for Pink”, a big event born to promote the breast cancer awareness. The association was created by women in Thessaloniki 10 years ago and it has assisted women who suffer from cancer since then. Last Friday I went to the seat of the association and I have interviewed the psychologist who works there to ask her some information and clarifications about the day.

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