taking a break

Taking a break isn’t lazy – it’s called “resting”

The century we live in is like a roller coaster. Every day, there is a constant flow of new information, a new global event, endless work, fear of not being productive and many other stress factors. In all this hustle and bustle, we are trying to spare time for ourselves, trying different activities and relaxing […]

the rite of spring movie

Tiff Reviews – The Rite of Spring

The movie “The Rite of the Spring”, originally called “La consagración de la primavera”, which I watched at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, was quite impressive. Directed by Fernando Franco and starring Telmo Irureta, Valèria Sorolla, and Emma Suárez, the Spanish-made film is about the developing relationship between David. The movie begins with Laura, who is […]

artificial intelligence in art

New Era of Art: AI

We are kind of used to developments such as the exhibition of art in different forms and the artists trying new trends. However, developing art creation has recently begun rapidly changing all we know. If you are ready, I am explaining this technology that has already started to lead to significant developments in the history […]

internet addiction - imagine the world

Imagine the World: Without Internet for 3 Whole Days

How does it sound to imagine a world without the internet? Let me make a few guesses: Dystopian? Medieval? Impossible? Well, for me imagining scenarios is always so interesting. That is why today I will try to collect other people’s opinions and share my ideas on “imagining the world without the internet.” I do not […]

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