TiDF encounters – Interview with Jan Baumgartner

During the 25th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival we met Jan Baumgartner and talked with him about his documentary the DNA of Dignity as well as about the work of forensic scientists, the Balkan war and all the emotional stories connected to it. Take a look! Video Editing: Alex Humbert Also check our interviews from the last […]

Thess questions Ep. 01

Thess questions is a interview podcast dealing with a variety of topics. It’s all about hearing from different perspectives, in the houses and streets of Thessaloniki. The first episode deals with the topic introversion and extroversion. We will hear the scientific theory behind it, talk about stereotypes and prejudice as well as how it’s also […]

rem sleep

REM and Paradoxical Sleep: What Happens to our Brain when we Sleep

We do it every night; we lay down in bed, close our eyes, the external world slowly varnishes, and we begin to fall asleep and drift into unconsciousness. While it might seem like everything slows down and stops, a lot is going on inside our brains. Sleep was believed to be a passive state for […]

blanquita movie

Tiff Reviews – Blanquita

Blanquita is the name of the movie and the name of the protagonist, an 18 years old girl living in a shelter with her baby and going through a trial accusing rich and powerful politicians of rape to fight for justice. Blanquita is the first thing you see on the screen, calmly holding her baby. […]


Humour: A Life Skill that Reveals more than We Think

Dad jokes, Memes, TikToks or funny videos in family chats, what we laugh about is quite different. And even though it may not be something we constantly think about, humour, from its most lighthearted forms to its most absurd ones, greatly impacts our social relations. If two people laugh about similar things, they are more […]

global climate strike

Global Climate Strike in Thessaloniki

In times of a global recession, multiple wars and political turmoils, environmental issues may quickly go unnoticed. But the climate crisis does end just because so much else is happening right now that demands our attention. In fact, the climate crisis, with its dramatic impacts, will also worsen our social crises and all kinds of […]

repair, reuse and recycle

Repair, Reuse and Recycle: The EUs Circular Economy Plan

Have you ever wondered why Apple is launching a new iPhone every year even though the technological improvements and new features, like an improved processor speed or slightly improved Face ID, go almost unnoticed by the consumers? And, even worse, have you ever thought about the fact that buying these new iPhones every year is […]

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