Facing the Flames: Wildfires Ravage Greece and Europe – A Comprehensive Guide on Fire Safety and Preparedness

In recent years the number of forest fires has significantly increased, especially in the summer season; scientists say it is a result of climate change caused by human activity. Nearly 660,000 hectares (1,630,000 acres) of land have been ravaged by the blazes between January 1 and August 13 2022, figures from the European Forest Fire […]

Balkan Beats 45 - Volunteers Life

Balkan Beats 45 – Volunteers’ Life

By engaging in volunteer projects, individuals are exposed to different cultures, traditions, and perspectives, which challenge stereotypes and cultivate mutual respect. In Balkan Beats 45 – Volunteers’ Life we try to present this powerful tool that allows people to break down cultural barriers, to foster empathy, and to promote dialogue among diverse communities.  Volunteering is […]


Photo gallery: Narrating Emotions, a Common Ground across Borders

Giusy Carfora The photo gallery: Narrating Emotions, a Common Ground across Borders, of Giusy Carfora is a collection of street photographs taken in different countries: Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. The photos narrate emotions that show we are all humans, all connected and not divided by imaginary borders. “Are the feelings that unite us across borders. […]


Balkan Beats 43 – Food

One of our physiological needs, just a need for some, great satisfaction and happiness for others, a companion of meetings, indispensable for special days, a celebration indicator of precious moments, the savior of boring nights and yes, what we are talking about is food. Before we tackled the topic of food, we had forgotten what […]

Alisa Bekteshi

That little sparkle of you – A poem by Alisa Bekteshi

A message from the author The inspiration of my writings is hard to tell. My muse sits everywhere I go. In fact, whenever I’m thinking about my poems, or for some good classic music, or an art work, nature, etc; the inspiration comes itself even when I’m not calling for it. For me, writing is […]

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