balkan beats 41

Balkan Beats 41 – Reaching out

Finding your inner peace or your mental fullness can be time-consuming, and sometimes disappointing, but this whole process can become much easier once you decide to reach out. Reaching out for help, support, and professional guidance is the key success factor, as this journey is demanding and hard. However, in a society full of stereotypes, […]

Thessaloniki pride

Volunteering in Thessaloniki’s Pride

Hello, I am Francesco, an Italian guy, and I wanted to talk about the amazing experience of volunteering here in Thessaloniki for the 10th Pride. Starting from the beginning, I didn’t know this would be the most beautiful experience in my life, nor that I’d have the opportunity to grow immensely and go out of my […]

closing concert

“Make the world a better place”: therapeutic program named Argo

Short introduction Argo is a state therapeutic program for drug addicts started back in 1998. It was the first daily ambulatory program for drug addicts. So, instead of taking drug addicts outside of the city and separating them from the rest of the people, the idea is to help them do their therapy within their […]

storytelling in Dendropotamos

Storytelling in Dendropotamos

On June 24th 2022, volunteers from various projects hosted by “United Societies of Balkans”, joined volunteers from “Faros tou Kosmou” to carry out an intercultural story exchange activity. At the 3rd Intercultural Primary School of Menemeni – 3º Διαπολιτισμικό Δημοτικό σχολείο Μενεμένης – KDAP/Activity Centre, in Dendropotamos, we gathered in the music and reading room, […]


A Paradise Suddenly – Discovering Vourvourou With Our Little Vlog

In eastern Sithonia is situated a little village named Vourvourou, well known for its natural beauty and nine little islands. The crystalline sea and the unpolluted nature fascinated our volunteers during their weekend.Look at the video that they realised for us. Enjoy! Video Credits: Gaia Orlando

mental health without borders

Mental Health Without Borders: Ep. 2 – Covid and Lonileness

Balkan Hotspot Radio
Balkan Hotspot Radio
Mental Health Without Borders: Ep. 2 - Covid and Lonileness

This podcast will dive in to the topic of covid and lonileness. The topics will address how an old lady in Finland lost it all and had to deal with so much pain all by herself, Vaso explaining of her own fear of people during Covid and Salome talking about how life changed for her […]

mental health podcast

Mental Health Without Borders: Ep.1 – Addictions

Balkan Hotspot Radio
Balkan Hotspot Radio
Mental Health Without Borders: Ep.1 - Addictions

Mental Health Without Borders – Episode 1: Addictions This series of podcast will focus on different aspects of mental health such as addictions and loneliness and combine the different stories from Georgia, Greece and Finland. In this first episode we introduce ourselves and we talk about addictions: phone, cigarette and gambling and how they all […]

Balkan Beats 40 – Art Is

Art is something that needs to have a meaning, a message. “Why?” I would ask. Personally I don’t think so, I think you can find art everywhere, and the perception we have about the world around us is extremely subjective: something that has a meaning for me can be totally empty and meaningless for someone […]

thessaloniki pride

Thessaloniki Pride: Photogallery of the Parade

The 10th Thessaloniki Pride started on June 20th and, through a series of events, culminated on June 25th with a big parade starting at the White Tower. A long week dedicated to LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance, to fight against discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes. A lot of organisations participated as partners for the event: United Societies […]

balkan beats 38

Balkan Beats 39 – Terra

“Planet is burning!” This is a sad and alarming statement that comes to our ears every day now. From our perspective, it looks like every aspect of the environment is falling apart. And it is true: the earth is attacked. Its forests are burned. Its children are suffocating. Its waters are poisoned. There is a […]

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