Solidarity Stories | Ep 1 You Are Not Alone

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Solidarity Stories | Ep 1 You Are Not Alone

I will share a little secret with you: you can volunteer abroad, get out of your comfort zone, learn a new language and live a unique experience…without any cost!How? With the European Solidarity Corps! Join Roberto Gentile’s journey and you will discover what makes this volunteer opportunity different through the fears and joys that arise […]

Communities Driving Change – Launching Event: Giving voice to the citizen

The first meeting of Communities Driving Change is now a fact. The first action of the program took place at the Balkan Heart complex, on 29/09, opening the cycle of dialogue and democratic mobilization of the citizens. Communities Driving Change is, after all, a project that focuses on empowering the ordinary citizen, through digital tools that facilitate expression and improve […]

The body – Balkan Beats 36

The body has a huge importance on our lives and health. Most people are really concerned about their physical appearance but also about what people think. However, the body is much more than that. In this edition, we explore the human body in different aspects, from the the impact of the pandemic on the body […]

200 years of the Greek Revolution: An introduction

By Giorgio Zambello The Greek Revolution for independence started in the 25th March 1821. After almost 400 years of Ottoman dominion, many revolts broke out in several regions, seeking to re-establish the Greek identity and sovereignty. In this series of articles, after a careful introduction about the political situation in Europe and Greece at the […]