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Thessaloniki’s Museums Guide

Thessaloniki may not be the city that instantly wins you over, but don’t be fooled by first impressions. The Northern Greece city is rich in culture and history. Proof of that is the various monuments reflecting the Byzantine and Ottoman past of the city and, of course, its many museums. Home to over 30 museums, […]

“Women Overreact”

In honor of the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” on November 25th and the “Human Rights Day” on December 10th, our volunteers prepared a video telling the stories of survivors of gender-based violence. Take a look at our video for the Campaign of the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence […]

Communities Driving Change – Launching Event: Giving voice to the citizen

The first meeting of Communities Driving Change is now a fact. The first action of the program took place at the Balkan Heart complex, on 29/09, opening the cycle of dialogue and democratic mobilization of the citizens. Communities Driving Change is, after all, a project that focuses on empowering the ordinary citizen, through digital tools that facilitate expression and improve […]

Straight to the point – “Heterophobia”

“What?! You are straight?!!” Everyday comments turned around to get a taste of how it feels like to not be heterosexual in a heteronormative society.Against homophobia everywhere! Special thanks to: – Carol Väljaots Laurynas Liobikas Manuela Conte Panos Skepadianos 🙂 This video was created by Livia Kallmeyer and Carol Väljaots, both members of Balkan Hotspot. […]

The body – Balkan Beats 36

The body has a huge importance on our lives and health. Most people are really concerned about their physical appearance but also about what people think. However, the body is much more than that. In this edition, we explore the human body in different aspects, from the the impact of the pandemic on the body […]

“Planet Heat”: a photo contest to celebrate World Photography day

To celebrate World Photography day on 19th of August, Balkan Hotspot team is releasing a photo contest. Since this summer the whole world is experiencing extreme heatwaves, the topic of the contest is “Planet Heat”. The submitted photos must feature something related to this but participants should not be afraid to use creativity with the […]

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