How the coffee separated us without knowing it?

While carefully observing the history of coffee culture in Asia Minor region we might see that it works quite uniquely in this area, as it is being one of the key factors which help to keeps the local societies together. These days when we take a look at this phenomenon we can see that it has completely changed from its original tradition.

The 13th International Marathon “Alexander the Great”

The first International Marathon “Alexander the Great” was established on the 16th of April, in 2006, as a result of perspective of people who represented athletic and cultural institutions all over Greece. It aims the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as well as the increment of life quality. The 13th International Marathon “Alexander the Great” had the participation of people of all ages, genders and nationalities. Some of our volunteers participated in the 5 km racecourse in order to represent United Societies of Balkans and the Balkan HotSpot project.

Week Against Racism

In order to aware people about the anti-racism campaign between 17-25 March, there will be many events related to the topic. We protest against all types of racism and xenophobia, support diversity by focusing on values which make our world more livable. This week initially referred to the brutal murder of anti-apartheid demonstrators, as a response in Sharpeville (South Africa) in 1960. After the brief information about why we commemorate it during this period, I will continue by sharing my own experience focused on against racism week.

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