Analog photography journal, Greece

Welcome everyone, this is a selection of my personal black and white analog photography journal in Greece.

My photo journal began when I arrived in January 2020 in Thessaloniki and it will end in July. If you click on the photos, you will be able to read further details about the pictures.

I studied analog photography for one year in Fine Arts school.
I fell in love with the whole process, especially to get lost in the dark room for hours.
Taking photos helps me to connect with people in a different way than with words. It gives me the opportunity to remember better special moments, important places, specific thoughts from this intense experience.
Doing an analog photography journal in Greece is very spontaneous for me.
Traveling and being in new places inspires me a lot. It feeds my desire to create. I want to transform what I see and feel into artistic materials.
It is a way to keep my memories alive which I believe is very precious and essential.

Usually I am more into movement. I am making and editing videos, which is my favorite way to express and share my emotions, ideas.
Since I was very young, I started experimenting to create in a poetic and sensitive way through video, creative writings, photography, sounds…

Last week I learned that I was accepted in a cinema documentary school in France (Angoulême) for a master degree. It gives me hope to continue following my dream, which is to become an artist/director. And you, what is your dream?
By the way, if you are curious, I am preparing a video of our daily life in this volunteering Erasmus program, which should be ready by next month.

When I was in Erasmus in ASFA (Athens School of Fine Arts), I tried to make a video about my memories and writings from 2017-2018, you can check it on my youtube channel :

If you want to know more about photography and quarantine, you should check this article on Balkan Hotspot :

Thank you, enjoy
Juliette Gadenne

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Post Author: Juliette Gadenne

I am an art student from France. I am very interested in cinema, poetry, photography, documentaries, video making, music and nature. I take this year to think about which master I would like to choose, to create outside the school and to answer to some needs of an association.

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