Action week against racism 2020

Note: The Action Week Against Racism scheduled to take place from 16th to 22nd of March, has been postponed to May due to COVID-19.

As you well know, the Action Week Against Racism is approaching. From 16th to 22nd of March several performances will take place in Europe. For many years we have been standing right at the forefront of this event. As Balkan Hotspot we would like to present to you the activities that we have planned and we are pleased to invite you to participate in.

18th of March: We are preparing an event to share your perspective about racism in a very artistic and personal way through a photo exhibition. By combining it with our weekly Tandem, we hope to start a healthy and necessary discussion and share ideas about this topic. We will open a call, share a form where you can apply and give your contribution to this important event.

20th of March: Despite being over 30 years old, this cult film directed by Spike Lee has not lost its relevance. During the Action Week Against Racism, we will have a special screening of “Do the Right Things”. On a hot summer day in a humble Brooklyn neighbourhood, racial tensions surface among a gallery of characters that will not leave you indifferent. There will be an open discussion after the screening.

21st of March: A powerful march starting from The White Tower with a big finale to grab the attention of pedestrians walking nearby.

22nd of March: Enjoying good weather, sitting on the grass and eating food from all over the world sounds like a good plan. Join us in our picnic, meet people, and enjoy a different day sharing food and anecdotes!

We hope you can share our ideas and actively participate in them!

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