A New Guise for the Axios Delta National Park: Bird Observatory Renovation

On Saturday, 10th September, our volunteer went to Kalochori to renovate the Axios Delta National Park bird observatory. This big protected area covers more than 380 square kilometres between the deltas of the rivers Axios and Aliakmon (or Haliacmon).
This area forms one of the most significant ecosystems in Greece. Almost 300 bird species make their homes in or migrate through the park, and there is a wonderful array of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
After cleaning, painting and fixing birdwatching, the volunteers went with a park guide to see flamingos and other types of birds and concluded the day with an archery lesson.
Take a look at our gallery and a small video of the event!

Photo Credit: Yusuf Taskiran

Video Credit: Sahin Akkaya

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