A lonely walk in the night

A lonely walk in the night,
in an ordinary city.
One night
of disoriented steps
wide eyes
and an unknown fate.
Tall old buildings,
of a bluish-gray hue;
blue by the sea,
gray from the earth.
Boats from far away,
open bars, no closing time.
Few customers left:
couples arguing,
to end up feeling their way through alleys.
Drunk tourists of life,
inebriated by beers named like nymphs.
Friends who cry their sorrows,
once a month.
The music that thunders,
the flashing streetlight,
the cloud that covers this Greek forest
faces of a thousand colors hidden in its branches.

Walking during the night

Just a lonely walk in the night,
allows you to see the shadows on the ground.
Brown skin, clear eyes,
sells tissues to fat cats,
on the doors of buildings
with pre-paid sex.
A child’s tired fingers,
then on the keys of an accordion
generates music,
that to another shadow it transports him
to the country, he’ s fleeing from, his home, his sons.
Yellow skins,
rejection tints,
fear, incomprehension,
gloves and masks.
The threat of a deadlier virus,
spreading hate.

City lights

False smiles,
trendy clubs,
expensive cars,
that cover up their eyes.
In front of gloomy faces,
after having lost all faith.
In a mud puddle,
a flag with twelve stars.
One is hardly visible,
the others will be gone soon.

End of the walk

At dawn,
come out of their homes, common people,
after a long sleep.
But on the streets, unaware of it,
remain, silent, the skins of a thousand colors,
the shadows I see,
on that lonely walk in the night.

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Post Author: Pablo Rubio Martin

I'm a peacefull guy from Spain. I'm interested in Culture (especially cinema and music), arts and fascinating stories. Unfortunately, I only know that I dont know nothing.

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