A cleanup for a day: leaving the bustle behind

The deed that should be done daily,.. But still, somehow, we’re lost in the movement of the city, the tasks at the workplace or just the rush of creating a better life for ourselves. But is it really worth creating something if we can’t keep what we have?

Come on a journey through the lenses of our camera and discover the cleanup activity. Sometimes, it is necessary to get lost and leave the bustle from the city behind, to discover new places and to, somehow, help them grow (or flourish).

Post Author: Carol Valjaots

Tere! My name is Carol and I’m from Estonia. I’m in charge of video- and photography in Balkan Hotspot. This is my first experience with video so I’m very excited to learn more from other volunteers. I enjoy singing - karaokes are my favorite, painting - all of my denim jackets have different artworks and photography - I would climb anywhere to get an amazing picture.

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