2023 Thessaloniki Pride – The events

Thessaloniki Pride

During the week of June 19-24, the 2023 Thessaloniki Pride took place in the city. Seven days of events that culminated with the usual great Pride march, on saturday 24th.

The pride is an event that promotes awareness of the whole LGBTIQ+ community issues, on a national and international level. Through shows, workshops, movie screenings and a lot more, every year, thousands of people unite their voices to promote the values of autonomy and self-determination of the body, in an environment of respect, love and inclusion (thessalonikipride.com).

The motto of the 11th edition of this Pride is: “I BELONG TO ME”. As absurd as it is to still have to do so, a slogan that emphasize once again that each of us must be free to manage our own bodies and lives.

Here you can find some of the events we joined!!

Fashion Show

One of the opening events of the 2023 Thessaloniki Pride was the Fashion Show, a spectacular runway dressed by three stylist from Thessaloniki. Fashion designers that are using their art to allow people to empower and elevate any kind of body.

Konstantinos Tsigaros with his 2023, minimalistic, gender neutral collection

Thessaloniki Pride Concert

With M.A.t.E., MAZOHA, Yama 337, Vina Sergi and the DJ Manolis Stavroulakis.

A concert with different artists performing different types of music. The lyrics were in Greek but that didn’t stop us from letting ourselves be carried away by the music and the atmosphere of the audience!

2023 Thessaloniki Pride concert

Recycling and Reuse Craft Workshop 

Flying Tiger’s DIY workshop, held in collaboration with Thessaloniki Pride event, and hosted at the ActionAid organization, provided a vibrant and inclusive space for participants. An occasion to engage in sustainable crafting while celebrating diversity and supporting a meaningful cause.

2023 Thessaloniki Pride
2023 Thessaloniki Pride
Recycling and Reuse Craft Workshop 

Intersex: «Entre deux sexes» 2017, 57’

Produced by Régine Abadia and screened during Thessaloniki Pride, «Entre deux sexes» is a documentary revealing the discrimination and mutilation suffered by intersex people. Not men nor women, Vincent Guillot and the German artist Ins A Kromminga talk about their trauma and their commitment to gaining recognition for intersexuality around the world.

2023 Thessaloniki Pride movie screening
Intersex, «Entre deux sexes»

The Drag show and the Bazar

During the drag show, @itsrawbeehunty and her twin sister performed “lies” live for the second time for Robbie. An intentional game of emotions and words that reveals the spirit of this event.

Drag show
Drag show
Drag show

Also other artists made their own performance, like the famous @katinabellaofficial and more! There you could also find a small bazar with handmade jewelry, custom t-shirts and a rapid test of HIV (Checkpoint).

Drag show
Bazar Thessaloniki pride

Here You can find more about all the other editions of Thessaloniki Pride.

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