Who Are We

Talip DoganTalip Dogan


I'm a youngster from İstanbul who's in Thessaloniki for a month.
I'm having my volunteering for USB in the term June-July 2017.

Kasper JepsenKasper Jepsen

AKA the foreign correspondent. I'm a radio-buff and a musicologist from Denmark. I was a volunteer from Sep 2016 to July 2017

Follow me on Twitter: @kasjep

Pedro Amaro SantosPedro Amaro Santos

Um rapaz muito bonito.

Signe Demant HansenSigne Demant Hansen

I'm Signe from the cold North aka Denmark. I'm 30 but in Greece people think I'm 22. I love radio, music and (of course) Greece.
I did my EVS from September 2016-July 2017.

Valentina OrlandoValentina Orlando

I'm an Italian photographer (volonteer, video maker, video editor, secretary, bla bla bla) with the urge of travelling.

After the loss of my digital camera (pace all'anima sua!) I discovered the amazing potential of film photography.

I would like to work with reportage photography.

My portfolio: http://www.valentinaorlando.portfoliobox.net
My travel blog with Jack Cowles: http://www.nearlythere17.wordpress.com/

How they call me here: Mama Vale
Volonteering period: March 2017-January 2018

Inspiration sentence: We call it bad luck but it is something that allows us to explore new directions...