Thessaloniki Pride

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During the Thessaloniki Pride 9 people from 9 different countries came together to create a radioshow. In youth exchange “Diversity in Visual Arts” they practised their radio skills and covered the Thessaloniki Pride with interviews, voxpops and much more. Experience or re-experience the sounds and colours of the pride.

Contributors: Giannis Kourtis, Kasper Jepsen, Lara Akabuds, Matea Glavinić, Merve Elibirlik, Sacha Bogaers, Signe Demant Hansen, Stefanos Ioannou, Вељан Паризов and Виктор Странски

Photo: Akshaya Lakshminarayanan

Post Author: Kasper Jepsen

AKA the foreign correspondent. I'm a radio-buff and a musicologist from Denmark. I was a volunteer from Sep 2016 to July 2017 Follow me on Twitter: @kasjep

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