A new EVSer in Thessaloniki

On Friday, 12th of January to be exact, I left from the Budapest airport for my year long EVS adventure in Thessaloniki. The first half of my journey led me to Athens, from where I was supposed to take another flight to Thessaloniki. I was pleasantly surprised when the plane hit the ground of the landing platform, and all of the passengers started to applause as if the whole flight had been some kind of performance which could be measured in terms of its aesthetic qualities.

A kind International day of Volunteering!

5th of December is the International Volunteer day since 1985 and the date is connected not only with celebrations, but also to show that by volunteering work, we are changing the world. This year for the International Volunteering day, volunteers from Ethelon (a network of volunteers) made a huge event with the name “Kindness Revolution”, which was running in Thessaloniki and Athens. Here, in Thessaloniki the event happened at WE as a hosting place, bigger enough to collect so much volunteering power.

“Ongi etorri errefuxiatuak”, the protest of the volunteers for the volunteers

On Tuesday 27th December 2016 two Spanish volunteers were arrested for helping eight refugees to escape from Greece. They are being put under a lot of pressure with the law meaning that officers of the law are trying to do them for as many excuses as possible but the two volunteers are not alone. After the event on Tuesday 27th many other volunteers working in camps as well as the supporting citizens from numerous countries all over the world have become furious at the European Union`s attitude towards human rights and have started demonstrations.