Random Radio Show #3: Ice ice baby

Winter has come and we braced ourselves 😀 In this episode you will discover how and where we’ve celebrated New Year, how people are dealing with the snow in Greece and what to do in order to survive in very challenging conditions of local winter 😀 Find your comfortable spot near the fireplace or under the warm blanket and join our lovely company 😉

IFAISTIADA Goalball Tournament: how to be impressed by blind athletes

1.5 week ago, from the 23rd to the 25th of November, the IFAISTIADA goalball tournament took place in the Ε.Α.Κ. Σταυρούπολης gymnasium. The event was organised by the IFAISTOS blind sports club and gathered eight teams from seven different countries. Sweat, concentration, respect, humility… the combination of everything built a good competition.

World AIDS Day: Thess Checkpoint

Tomorrow, the first of December, is World AIDS Day. On this day, we raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. To highlight this day, we interviewed two employees, Amalia and Vasilis, from Thess Checkpoint, the HIV prevention centre in Thessaloniki. They told us more about their work and stigma around HIV and AIDS in Greek society. We also got tested for HIV ourselves to see how the process goes.