Random Radio Show Greece

Random Radio Show #1: We’re starting, babe

The brand new radio show is here. Produced by Agnieszka, Cristi, Martin and from the next episode hopefully also Wali (this guy is always traveling 😀 ). Big ευχαριστώ belongs to the guys from Infinity Greece because we are “exploiting” their radio equipment 😉 This time we were talking about our impressions from life in Greece, about lovely taverna culture and also share some travel stories. Stay tuned for more, because this is just the start 😀

Music Odyssey: Best of 2018

We are already ten days into December and for many the holidays are approaching. This is a perfect time to reflect upon the past year and the music that was made in it! For Filip, this is also a time for a personal reflection, as his EVS project is finishing in the beginning of January. He discusses his past year with Sacha and special guest Christian Cibba by listening to some of his favourite tunes of 2018.

Music Odyssey: Freudian tunes

Do you have (any interest in) mommy issues, daddy issues or lollita syndromes? If so, the latest episode of Music Odyssey is something you might like to hear … 🙂 In this episode, Filip, Sacha and special guest Urania explore the theories of Sigmund Freud through popular music from different eras.

Music Odyssey: Colours

Our world is such a colourful place! In this episode of Music Odyssey, Filip, Sacha and Lena celebrate (almost) all the colours of the rainbow. They explore different colours and their associations, impressions and symbolism tied to these colours. Join them in their explorations, and enjoy!

New beginnings: What about the new volunteers?

A few new volunteers are now working in Balkan Hotspot. We would like to present them and tell you a short story about the first impressions of working here, living in a new place with previously unknown people and the city. Enjoy it!

Music Odyssey: Dreamy songs

Dreams are very important for most people. Have you ever wondered how the theme of dreams could be expressed through music? Then you have come to the right place! In this episode of Music Odyssey, Filip, Sacha and guest Manuela talk about dreamy songs, the expression of dreams in music, and their own dreams. Enjoy and dream on!

Music Odyssey: Healing Loneliness

Most people, if not everyone, will feel lonely at some point in their life. Many people are scared to be alone. But being alone, and even loneliness in itself, do not necessarily have to be bad things. In this episode of Music Odyssey, Filip, Sacha and Dovilė explore loneliness and try to find some positive aspects. They also listen to songs that can be helpful, and perhaps even healing, when someone is feeling lonely.

Music Odyssey: Colors of Saxophone

In this episode of Music Odyssey our volunteers Filip, Sacha and Agnieszka focus on a specific instrument: the saxophone! They discuss how saxophone as a musical instrument can contribute to songs. They explore all the colors of saxophone: from raw, rough sounds, to soft, sensual and romantic sounds. Enjoy!

Music Odyssey: Breakup Songs

Has your heart ever been broken? Have you ever broken someone’s heart? Then this episode of Music Odyssey is for you! Most people go through break-ups and heartbreak at some point in their lives. To help you through these times of hardship, music can be a great help. In this episode, volunteers Filip, Dovile and Sacha listen to different breakup songs and talk about how music can help us deal with feelings after different kinds of breakups. Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to love!