Acropolis, the citadel of Athens

Acropolis, the masterpiece of antiquity, the stunning walls on an ascent of the famous city includes several temples dedicated to the goddess Athena as well as Greek theaters, whose original ruins symbolize durability and testify to different epochs of human history, their creations, and their desire for survival. Through time, Acropolis had different purposes. From the earliest times […]

Thessaloniki. The city of my heart.

  Thessaloniki. The city of my heart. Thessaloniki is a city where you feel like home. Thessaloniki has a people, who are hospitable. Thessaloniki is a place which makes you happy. Thessaloniki has blue and pure sea. You can not only have fun and spend a good time, but you can also feel the moment […]

Athens Pride 2018

Athens Pride is a wholly voluntary, nonprofit company operating under the Greek Civil Code since 2006. Its primary objective is the organization of the Athens Pride Annual Prize and the Pride Parade. Our volunteers joined the parade, its colorful flags, participants, music and sounds. Feel it throught the photos made by Laura Samuilyte    

Meteora by Winter

Meteora by Winter

13-14/02/2018 Meteora by Winter/Ph: Isabel Tootill & Sanna Svärd Despite the rain, clouds and cold, the breathtaking sights and the beautiful monasteries of Meteora didn’t let us down. As a matter of fact, the fog only made it more magical and mystical. Take a look at some of our pictures of this holy place, visited by […]

Open Walk Thessaloniki in film

18-19.11.2017 OPEN WALK/ Ph: Valentina Orlando An itinerary that opened the event of OPEN HOUSE THESSALONIKI and (literally) the doors of buildings, that usually are closed off to the public, brought us around the areas near the port. The analog photography in black and white allows the geometries to stand out. The spaces multiply in […]

Athens Polytechnic Uprising Manifestation – 2017 in Thessaloniki

17.11.2017 Uprising Manifestation in Thessaloniki/ Ph: Lorenzo Sciuca From the University building to Aristotle Square, hundreds of Thessaloniki citizens walked in remembrance of the happenings of the Uprising, shouting out command words, raising the question of whether they were recapitulating what happened in 1973, or fighting for their rights today: «We are free!» «We don’t […]