Scupi. Skopie. Üsküb. Skoplje. Skopje.

Since the first moment that you put your feet in Skopje, you perceive that is a place with history. Skopje is the city of the references and the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. Maybe your first impression will be about the chaotic mix of this influences. They are all around, they are from different periods […]

Meteora: Phenomenal beauty

They talk about a place where monastaries sit alone on huge boulders, where your breath is stolen by the landscape but you gasp the crisp, clean air provided by nature, where the non religious falls to his knees searching for spiritual existance, where man made constuctions blend into the natures harmony. This was enough to […]

Kathara Deftera, the Greek Cleaning Monday with good company, kites and taramosalata

by Silvia Bartolotti (Photo Oleg, Despoina, Foivos and Era) It is Monday morning and the blue sea appears again among the white clouds from the heights of Agios Pavlos. For the last two days Thessaloniki has been under a dense fog, but suddenly the sun came back to shine. However this is not an usual […]