Tell me how you drink the coffee
and I’ll tell you who you are

Coffee. Without doubts European countries are affected by this culture. Coffee is a pleasure – sometimes a need – that a large number of people claim to be almost dependent. Swiftly consumed at the bar counter. Slowly drank at a bar table for hours. Greece boasts – as well as Turkey and the Balkans – […]

Meteora: Phenomenal beauty

They talk about a place where monastaries sit alone on huge boulders, where your breath is stolen by the landscape but you gasp the crisp, clean air provided by nature, where the non religious falls to his knees searching for spiritual existance, where man made constuctions blend into the natures harmony. This was enough to […]

Thessaloniki mou, let the music play

  “If even Hyppocrates said that the music is the cure for diseases, why right us, the Greeks, should not play everywhere and always?”. This is the question of Alexandros, the 23 year-old street guitarist, born and raised in Thessaloniki. Alexandros is one of the many musicians who came together to protest Sunday, Dec 11th […]

World Radio Day 2017 in Serres: a day in the radio, a Radio in the World, the World in the Radio

by Jonathan Scatena   “At a time of turbulence, radio provides an enduring platform to bring communities together. On the way to work, in our homes, offices and fields, in times of peace, conflict and emergencies, radio remains a crucial source of information and knowledge.” -Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO It has been 6 years […]