Music Odyssey: Dreamy songs

Dreams are very important for most people. Have you ever wondered how the theme of dreams could be expressed through music? Then you have come to the right place! In this episode of Music Odyssey, Filip, Sacha and guest Manuela talk about dreamy songs, the expression of dreams in music, and their own dreams. Enjoy and dream on!

Music Odyssey: Healing Loneliness

Most people, if not everyone, will feel lonely at some point in their life. Many people are scared to be alone. But being alone, and even loneliness in itself, do not necessarily have to be bad things. In this episode of Music Odyssey, Filip, Sacha and Dovilė explore loneliness and try to find some positive aspects. They also listen to songs that can be helpful, and perhaps even healing, when someone is feeling lonely.

Music Odyssey: Colors of Saxophone

In this episode of Music Odyssey our volunteers Filip, Sacha and Agnieszka focus on a specific instrument: the saxophone! They discuss how saxophone as a musical instrument can contribute to songs. They explore all the colors of saxophone: from raw, rough sounds, to soft, sensual and romantic sounds. Enjoy!

Music Odyssey: Breakup Songs

Has your heart ever been broken? Have you ever broken someone’s heart? Then this episode of Music Odyssey is for you! Most people go through break-ups and heartbreak at some point in their lives. To help you through these times of hardship, music can be a great help. In this episode, volunteers Filip, Dovile and Sacha listen to different breakup songs and talk about how music can help us deal with feelings after different kinds of breakups. Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to love!

Official poster of this year`s TAF

Thessaloniki Animation Festival

This weekend, the people of Thessaloniki will have a wonderful opportunity to visit the Thessaloniki Animation Festival (TAF). The event celebrates animated film in all of its forms. The event takes place every year around the 28th of October, which is the International Animation Day. The NGO Addart started organising TAF four years ago. During the four days of this year’s TAF (from 18th to 21st of October), around four hundred animated movies will be screened at Makedonikon cinema and the Municipal Central Library in Thessaloniki.

Music Odyssey: Artificially Constructed Languages

Join volunteers Filip and Sacha and special guest Egor for a new episode of Music Odyssey! This episode focuses on artificially constructed languages (Conlang) and non-existing languages. We listen to songs in different constructed and non-existing languages and discuss our impressions, as well as some theoretical ideas. Enjoy!

Music Odyssey: Gender Bending Vibes

Let’s talk about gender! This episode of Music Odyssey features songs that give off ‘gender bending vibes’. Volunteers Filip, Dovilė and Sacha discuss the songs, as well as some theory related to gender, sexuality and norms in society. If you want to find out more, listen to this interesting episode of Music Odyssey!