United Against Violence Towards Women

In 1999, the 25th of November was designated by the United Nations the «International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women». Did you know… Female gender accounts for 71% of human trafficking victims?  (UNODC ,2016) 125 million girls and women alive in 2015 had been subjected to female genital mutilation? (UN statistics) 35% of women […]

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17th of November 1973 – The beginning of the end

Rememberance March – 17th November, Thessaloniki by: Lorenzo Sciuca In Greece, the 17th of November is a remarkable date. It recalls the Athens Polytechnic Uprising, in 1973, against the Military Dictatorship (1967-1974) – also known as the Military Junta, or the Regime of the Coronels – that the country had been submitted to for over […]